Wellness & Healthy Reminders

Throughout your fitness journey, it can be easy to get down on yourself. When you are constantly hyperfocused on what goes into your body, its movements, and the way it looks to the eye, it can be mentally draining, which is why I will share some of my tips/tricks to remember for when I’m feeling mentally or physically drained, unmotivated, or insecure.

How to Keep a Peace of Mind Through Your Fitness Journey


  • Have a sweet tooth? Treat yourself! A little bit of sugar never hurts.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of foods that make you enjoy life. Have fun! Anything in moderation is OK.
  • Add a cheat day. Saturdays are great cheat days.
  • Still feeling hungry? EAT! Nourish your body.
  • Plenty of fast food restaurants have healthy options.


  • Rest, rest, rest! Your muscles will not grow properly if you don’t give them time to! You cannot constantly strain them. Have 1-2 rest days in your week.
  • If a certain muscle hurts, don’t keep using it. Give it time to heal.
  • If you hate doing a certain exercise in your workout split, don’t do it! Don’t let a single exercise make you dread working out.

General Tips

  • Consistency is truly key.
  • PATIENCE is SO important. You might not see results for months (if you’re like me), but KEEP GOING. Work hard and you will see results!
  • With that being said, take progress pictures! It might be humbling to study your body like that, but you will want to see where you started when you begin seeing results.
  • Sleep! You should get at least 7 hours a night for you muscles to grow the fastest.
  • Be self-disciplined.

General Tips contd.

  • Exercise is clothes that you feel confident in. I promise, it does make a difference in your workout.
  • If you can, invest in some good headphones. Good quality music can set the mood for your workout.
  • Drink your water!
  • Don’t let this fitness life consume you. You’re young, so have fun! You CAN have it both ways.
  • Anything is better than nothing. If you feel like you didn’t work your hardest one week, that’s okay. Let’s move past it. Do better next week!