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Exercise and movement are one of the most important aspects of not only achieving your fitness goals but also improving your overall health.

Along with a healthy, high protein diet, lifting heavy weights will be the optimal workout for body recomposition.

Many people choose other forms of working out such as pilates or HIIT workouts for their fitness journeys, which are perfectly fine!

Do what makes your body feel its very best! As long as you are consistent, you WILL see some type of results.

Creating a workout split for lifting weights will help you reach optimal muscle growth and fat loss. A workout split consists of different muscle groups to target in the gym each day of the week that you work out. Below is a chart of of all muscle groups.

For your workout split, throughout the week, you should work out all of these muscle groups at least once; you can increase the amount you target a specific muscle group depending on your personal body goals.

The best way to hit all muscle groups is to pair/group two or three muscle groups together so that you have enough time to target all of them. You should do two to three exercises per muscle group. Five to six exercises for a total workout is PLENTY! This way, you can focus and take your time targeting each individual muscle. More than around eight exercises is too much. Use your time in the gym to work out correctly.

Below is a sample workout split. Tutorials are linked to the exercises.

* a “rep” (repetition) is a single execution of an exercise. A “set” is a collection of reps. Each of your specific exercises should be 3-4 sets of 10-12, depending on the exercise or intensity (written as 3×10 or 4×12, and so on). Your last couple of reps should not be easy. Discomfort grows muscle and shows the most results. Train until failure!

Monday: Glutes and Hamstrings

  1. Hip Thrusts 4×10
  2. Dumbell RDLs 4×10
  3. Bulgarian Split Squats 4×10
  4. Seated Hamstring Curl 4×10
  5. Glute-Focused Back Hyperextensions 4×10

Tuesday: Back & Biceps

  1. Lateral Pulldown 4×10
  2. Lawnmower Rows 3×12
  3. Bentover Rows 4×10
  4. Straight Arm Pull Downs 3×12
  5. Face Pulls 3×12
  6. 21s (repeat 3x)
  7. Alternating Hammer Curls 3×10

Wednesday: Quads & Glutes

  1. Close Stance Squats 3×10
  2. KAS Glute Bridge 4×10
  3. Elevated Goblet Squats 4×10 – superset with bodyweight goblet squats until failure.
  4. Leg Extensions 4×10
  5. Close Stance Leg Press 4×10

Thursday: Shoulders, Chest, and Triceps

  1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3×10
  2. Superset Incline Bench Press and Chest Flies 3×10
  3. Side Lateral Raises 4×10
  4. Front raises 4×10
  5. Skull Crushers 3×12
  6. Rope Tricep Pushdown 4×10

Friday: Cardio and Abs

There are so many different methods of cardio! Some of my favorites are going on long runs/walks, incline walks on the treadmill, the stairmaster, and sprints! Try to keep you heart rate up and steady for at least 30 minutes. TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram reels are all great sources for finding different and creative ways to get your heart rate up and/or find exercise tutorials. Don’t forget, your heart is a muscle too!


  1. Leg Lifts 3×10
  2. Bicycle Kicks 3x30sec
  3. Plank 3x1min
  4. Mountain Climbers 3x35sec

Any variation of this workout split works! Do what you enjoy doing and remain consistent and you will notice a difference in your physical and mental health. Get up and get moving!

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